How to choose the Perfect Summer Bedding?

How to choose the Perfect Summer Bedding?

Summer is filled with memory-making pastimes like family vacations, outdoor activities, ice cream cones, and days spent frolicking at the beach. But the clear, sunny skies can lead to steamy hot nights when the sun goes down, making it hard to sleep. Sure, you can turn the thermostat way down (if you have central air), but you’ll pay for it on your utility bill. Or, you can tweak your bedroom's furnishings to a summertime ensemble that will keep you cool and offer a better night's rest.

But, how do you choose what kind of summer bedding to use?  Well, there are a few things I like to take into consideration.

How to choose summer bedding:

  • Pick the right material

The first thing you want to consider when changing out to summer bedding is what material to use.  You definitely want to take those flannel sheets off, unless you live in a colder climate year round.  I find that linen is my favorite option.  It is breathable, has a relaxed look and feel, and has soft colors.  You can also look into cotton blends, that are breathable and have cooling technology.  Keep things light and airy.  You can often tell just by touching a blanket or comforter that its going to be heavy and uncomfortable in the summer.

Since I always have a comforter on my bed, I find changing up the duvet cover is a great way to update and brighten the space. Can you imagine hoe comfortable a linen duvet cover would be against your skin?  Yes, please.

  • Comforter Weight

I love having a down comforter on my bed. I love having something fluffy, and light, yet warm and cozy.  In the wintertime, its a luxury I definitely take for granted.  However, in the summer, that warm down comforter can become a bit too hot.  That is why I use a lighter one in the summer.  You can find summer down comforters or down alternatives in most home decor stores.  

You can also find comforters that are “all season” which allow you to keep the same quilt on your bed.

How to choose the Perfect Summer Bedding
  • Texture

Adding some texture to your summer bedding can up the interest and coziness of your bed.  Try incorporating something with fringe, pintucking, or rouching.  These types of textures can be done of light fabric so you aren’t weighing down your bedding.  Try adding a throw pillow or throw blanket as a touch of texture and fun to your summer bedding.

  • Color

It’s probably time to refresh your bedding palette, picking out lighter colours this summer. Give your room a breezy makeover with a lightweight bedspread in bright hues like white, light green, cream or sky blue.

Blankets and bedspreads in these colours absorb less heat during the day, so they’re nice and cool when you tuck in for the night. If you go for a cooling touch of white, the space will feel lighter and soothing as well.

Comfort is clearly not only measured by the mattress. On that note, a small tweak here and there can actually transform the look and feel of your bed. A duvet cover, a new pair of pillowcases, or even just a new throw can help you sleep soundly through the night all summer long.

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